Triple Trouble!!


Triple Trouble!!

"Smells like Team Frenzy Spirit"

“Smells like Team Frenzy Spirit”




In teams of 3 complete:


1 athlete is working while 2 member are holding …(coach’s choice) and 3rd athlete is resting. Athletes must rotate and the object or position may not touch the ground or break. If so, then the whole team must stop and complete 5 Burpees each.


Max Wall Balls in 10 min


REST 2 min


Max Clean & Jerks in 8 min


REST 2 min


Find your heavy 1-RM Back Squat in 10 min


**Team must run a 400 m together. ALL athletes must be back from the run prior starting the Back Squats. The bar must be empty at first and team member can help each other load and lift the bar onto working athlete’s back.



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