Circuit Training


Circuit Training

Once again CrossFit Frenzy had another outstanding day of Benchmark action! CONGRATS to all whom PR’d on Front Squats, Fran and/or both. Solid effort and continue to hit those milestones!!!

Front Squats & Fran!! (sorry for the blurry pic...)

Front Squats & Fran!! (sorry for the blurry pic…)





“Not for time Circuit”

40 minutes

1) 3 attempts @ 500 meter time trial
2) 3 x 2 Hand Farmer Carries walks w/ KB – 200 mtr
3) 3 attempts @ Max DU’s in 2 min
4) 3 attempts @ Max Ring Dips or Stationary Dips or Box Dips (once you rest top or bottom, set is terminated)

Details uncovered at the box!!


**NOTE: On Fri 5.17.13 we are ONLY running 5:30 am class and 6:30 am On-Ramp Classes. Also there will be NO Sat 5.18.13 class. Please make note of this schedule change. We will be attending The 2013 CrossFit SoCal Regionals in San Diego. 

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