KIm and Dave at the SilverFox Master Challenge

KIm and Dave at the SilverFox Master Challenge

Congratulations to Kim Aviles for taking 2nd in her division and Dave Hill for placing 1st in his division at the SilverFox masters challenge this past weekend. We are so proud of you both.



***Frenzy would like to thank Josh Witcher and his crew from Frontier High School…PAVE- The World Of Work for making our gym look so clean. These young men have been working hard and are doing an amazing job this summer.  Frenzy’s bathrooms, floors and equipment have never looked better. So if you have been wondering who is responsible for our sparkling gym it’s the hard working young men from Frontier High. Thanks again gentleman.***




Floor Press


Warm up Sets @ 22×1


5 @ 50%

5 @ 60%

3 @ 70%

3 @ 75%


Working Sets


3-3-3-3 @ 87%  (rest 2 min)




1 @ 60% for Max Reps (no pause – use a wide grip)


(25 min cap)




Run 800 m




10 Rounds of


5 Pull Ups

10 Deficit Push Ups (10# ea)

15 Air Squats




Run 800 m


(20 min cap)