Let’s Get Healthy!!!


Let’s Get Healthy!!!


June 2nd- July 13th


The Challenge: The six-week challenge will run from June 1st through July 13th. This is your opportunity to make healthy lifestyle changes to improve your fitness and vitality during the summer and beyond. We’ll provide the tools and incentive for you to make positive changes in your life, all you have do is TAKE ACTION.


* $40 Entrance Fee
* Before and After Photos and Measurements, and weigh-ins
* Point Tracking System (I will be keeping track of points via Exel spreadsheet)

Date of weigh-ins:

“Before” weigh-ins must be taken between June 2nd- June 4th.
“After” weigh-ins must be taken between July 14th- July 16th
Date of Baseline “WOD”

“Before” Need to complete baseline “WOD” between June 2nd- June 4th
“After” Need to complete baseline “WOD” between July 14th- July 16th.
Journaling: keeping a good log holds you accountable. It also helps you correlate what you are putting in your body and how you feel throughout the day and during your workouts. It will help you hone in on the foods your body responds best to. It also allows us to be able to watch your diet and help you fix any initial glitches you might be experiencing with the diet. ***Also you should be documenting your WOD’s in your journal as well ( how did you feel before and after your workout?)

***Please document what you eat, how much, and what time***

*** Always drink water… You should be drinking 1/2 your body weight in oz. a day***

Consultation: If you need a little help getting started, you can make an appointment with a coach who will guide you in the right direction.

Who Wins: The top 3 participants with the most points will win.

Points are earned by number of inches lost, gains on benchmark, and turning in journals.
Points are deducted by cheating and not turning in your journal each week.
The Prize
The top 3 participants will win prize money depending on the number of participants.

The Hardest Part of Any Journey is the First Step. A New Diet is No Different.

Making the Paleo switch comes with challenges. Depending on how heavy your diet is with grains and sugar before you switch, you will experience an adjustment period of varying degrees of intensity. You will experience a dip in your athletic performance and have times when you feel lethargic and cranky. This period usually lasts about two weeks. Keep in mind that your body is going through withdrawals and there is a light at the end of the adjustment tunnel.

No Cheating!

People often ask about a cheat meal or a cheat day. During these next 6 weeks, stay focused and strong. Try not to cheat. Instead of going for a cookie when you are having cravings, reach for a sweet, in season apple. If you do fall off the wagon – own up to it in your food log, and no – one time off the wagon doesn’t kick you out of the challenge. But try to keep with it for all 6 weeks. Tell your friends your mean old coaches are making you do it. Once you have completed this 6 weeks challenge, the occasional cheat meal is fine. If you can let it be something that happens organically (i.e. you are out with friends and everyone really wants pizza and margaritas) once in a while rather than a scheduled meal or day, you will probably feel the need to cheat less. Scheduling it out can turn your mind, once open and free for thinking about other things, into an obsessive “heroin addict” cheat meal-obsessed mentality. When you do have the occasional non-paleo moment, don’t gorge yourself either.

Plan Ahead!

Part of the difficulty of starting Paleo is the amount of preparation involved. Make sure you plan ahead so you aren’t stuck in a situation where you are left with no options. A lot of people like to use Sunday to prep for the week. Other people make lunch for the next day at the same time as they are making dinner, so they don’t feel like they are spending too much time in the kitchen. Find a system that works and stick to it.

There will be places or situations where you know you have difficulty staying on diet (i.e. at the office working late, where there is an endless supply of bagels, donuts and nothing else) – make sure you have options ready available to you. Talk to your family so they know what you are doing and you don’t come home to a meal filled with food you aren’t supposed to be eating.