Heavy Day 6


Heavy Day 6

All we have to say is what a darn good Monday it was. We like to take our hats off to all whom PR’d yesterday. Our dreams become even more real when we have days like this and see you all achieve your fitness goals. We live and breath to make you the best you can be!! HUGE CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU!!! KEEP UP THE HARD WORK!! Here are the results, see it for yourself;

PR's -ahoy!!!

PR’s -ahoy!!!



Hang Power Snatch
Take 15 min to find your heavy w/ perfect mechanics 3-RM for today



5 x 400 m Run (ME) – Try to keep all the efforts within 2-3 sec.
record your worst and best time..

(20 min cap)



Alternating Tabata

8 Rounds :20 sec ON/:10 sec OFF

*Dynamic Push Ups
* V-ups

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