What's yor' Team Name…..


What's yor' Team Name…..

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“My back hurts so I’m going to be lame, I’m going to sit out the WOD”

Try “smart” instead of “lame.”


CrossFit is one of the only sports that does not have macro down cycles built into it; we are always pushing to be faster, stronger and more awesome than yesterday. We are always trying to push past our limits. There is no “off season” in CrossFit like other sports, no large chunk of downtime where you can really focus on that tweaked back, sore shoulder or creaky knee.The result is twofold. We get superhero fitness quickly (yay!) and we ignore the signs that lead to slipped disks and torn ACLs (boo!). In our quest to perform better than yesterday, to lift heavier and heavier every week, to try and up the level of our WODs every month – we ignore the creaks, cracks and twinges.We ignore our body calling out for a bit of R&R, or better yet, mobility S&M. We think we are weak when we quit a workout mid-rep, even if it feels like we might just tweak something a bit too far out of whack.We feel like we’re wasting our coach’s and friends time for not laying it all on the line. We count the dollars already spent for our memberships and bemoan the missed WOD.We belittle ourselves for showing up and then just rolling out. But… you’re being smart. You’re doing the right thing both for today and for next month. You are preventing yourself from a forced 6 month recovery. A recovery that will set your fitness back far more than a missed WOD here or there. You are preventing yourself from a lot of pain and agony. Fitness should hurt, but only in the good way. So next time you are debating pushing through the pain and just getting after it, when you are thinking about testing how much your knee can truly bear, or when you are getting ready for a WOD you know will injure you – take a step back. Take a breath, grab a foam roller or a lacross ball and hit the mobility instead of the WOD. Make your time equally painful, just in a different way. It is far better to miss one WOD on one day than 4 WODs a week for the next 6 months. Far far better.


Get after it, but Be Smart.




We are going to take 15-20 min and work on:


Muscle Up Progressions
Free Handstand walks or Wall Walks





Teams of 2:


Both partners will be working at the same time. Partner A will perform part I. While Partner B performs  as many rounds as possible in part II. Once Partner A completes all reps both partners will switch stations. Score is total amount of rounds and additional reps completed on Part II as a team.


Part I.


Front Squats x 12 reps


Part II.

5 Pull Up or “Kippin’ Pop off” x 8
10 Deficit Push Ups (25/15)
15 Box Jumps overs (20″)


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