We need your help!!!


We need your help!!!

What do the coaches mean when they ask if you’ve “checked in?” It should not to be confused with the facebook term “checking in.” We mean that we’d like you to sign up for the class under the schedule tab prior attending. Sign in closes promptly at the time of the class, so please make sure you do this ahead of time. This will help the coach determine how big the class will be, if there won’t be anyone there, how much equipment they will need to get out, etc. If you are one that forgets, you can sign up for as many classes in advance so that you don’t have to do it every time you plan to attend. If you do not know how to do this, ask a coach!

Checking in on facebook is encouraged in addition! Definitely not required though. Just wanted to clear that up! Thanks guys!

Alyson working on DU's



A.Deadlift (Wk2 cycle 3)


3 x 7@65% 0f BS 1RM.
rest exactly 2 min

(18 min cap)


Teams of 3 – AMRAP in 20 min

Sprint 6×50 mtr
OH Walkn’ Lunge w/plate x Max distance
Plate Press – max effort

(WOD will be explained at box)

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