Are you resting enough??


Are you resting enough??


Rest Days are important.  Let me repeat that… Rest Days are very important!  If you want to be stronger and better, you need your rest.  Continued work with no rest days will be noticeably less effective and your intensity during WODs will drop, since your brain and body are hammered.   As a competitive CrossFitter, rest can be hard to swallow, but I’ve learned over the years that it is crucial to being successful.  Sometimes my body will tell me I need a Rest Day, like if I feel mentally or physically drained; other times my rest is scheduled, like if I trained hard for 3-days.  We recommend to our athletes either a 5 days ON, 2 days OFF schedule, or a 3 days ON, 1 day OFF, 2 days ON, 1 day OFF schedule–because both of these fit a week perfectly.


Recently, we’ve also been asked a lot of good questions about our truing and “Double WODs”.  We love the eagerness and excitement, however, for most athletes, Double WODs are not recommended, mainly because you cannot maintain intensity and risk overtraining/injury.  Doing more than one workout a day becomes effective only for athletes who are/will be competing at a CrossFit competition, like the CrossFit Games.  In CrossFit competitions or any Multi-Day Event, athletes/teams are required to perform anywhere from 2-3 workouts a day for 3 days.
The programming you see in our box is given much thought and we as coaches want to make sure we are developing well-rounded athletes.  Sometimes you will see us program a strength, then have you finish the class with a met-con.  Other days there is just a met-con.  Once in a while, we will program 2 workouts with a rest in between.  Keep in mind, especially when you come in for your WOD, doing one WOD and giving it everything you’ve got is better than doing 2-3 WODs with half the intensity.  Think quality, not quantity. Get some!
Halloween is this Friday! Don’t forget to dress up for the 5pm and 5:30pm WOD. Can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes.
Way Back Wednesday

Way Back Wednesday



Clean (full)


Every 2:30 min for 6 sets (15 min) complete

1-1-1-1 reps (rest :10 sec btwn each rep)


**Build through the course of the six sets. Work as heavy as possible




Back Squat


5 @ 75%

3 @ 85%

1 @ 90%

1 @ 95%

1 @ 100%

rest 2 min


(16 min cap)




AMRAP in 6 min



6 Box Jumps

9 CTB Pull Ups


Rest 4 min 


AMRAP in 4 min



4 Burpee Box Jump

6 Pull Ups


L1 – 95/65 – Banded Pull Up (lightest band)

L2 – 135/95

L3 – 155/105