2013 Open Reflections!!!


2013 Open Reflections!!!

What a great time! Congratulations to all those who participated this year. Below is the standings of all CrossFit Frenzy participants. We are very proud of all of you who participated as part of the "Frenzy Cray" Coach Rago and I couldn’t be happier with how all of you fought through the Open workouts. They were not easy and certainly tested your fitness levels. We can’t wait until next year when all of you will have at least a year of training under your belt. CrossFit Frenzy will be even stronger. Who knows, maybe as a team we can make it the Regionals!


A.Week 1 Cycle 3/3- Take 25 minutes

Shoulder Press

Warmup Sets: 5×40%, 5×50%, 5×60%

Work Sets: 5×65%, 5×75%, 5+x85%

B. Push Press: 5-5-5-5-5 @ 81% (Use your 1RM Push Press)



3 Rounds each for MAX reps

60 Seconds On/ 30 Seconds Off

Deadlift 225/155lbs

Pushups with Hand Release

*Score is your total number of reps from both for all 3rds…

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